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DIRECTOR / Andrew Superview

BRAND / Caterina Moro


RUNTIME / 01:49

UTOPIA FW22/23 was born from a feeling: during the terrible months of spring 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic exploded, we swore that everything would change, that nothing would ever be the same again. Dolphins were back in the canals of Venice and bears in the cities; we said we would reconnect with nature and learn from our mistakes. But two years later, everything looks the same. UTOPIA imagines a different future, starting again from a New Enlightenment: a future in which man, through reason and progress, learns a new way of relating to Mother Nature. Hence the HERBARIUM print, designed in collaboration with the illustrator and painter Caterina Serra Zanetti, which reinterprets the drawings of naturalists of the 1700s. Or the flowers imprinted on leather, like evanescent and poetic fossils, the result of a collaboration with Swedish artist Carina Sohl. And if savoir-faire and respect for nature will save us, looking to her own couture background Caterina Moro rediscovers a sartorial vein that projects into the future, with jackets, suits and dresses with a demi-couture flavor and details, but made with innovative fabrics and processes. A capsule of certified knitwear – embossed and jacquard – completes the collection. UTOPIA represents a new milestone of sustainability for the brand: fabrics include Econyl suede, derived from recycled fishing nets, pleated polyester twill, derived from plastic bottle caps, organic prints, sustainable denim, RWS certified knitwear, natural leathers derived from food industry waste and the up-cycling of stock fabrics from previous collections. The color chart starts with neutral tones inspired by herbals and natural leather – white, beige, sand – alternating with fluo and futuristic splashes – lime, bluette, fuchsia. And Very Peri, Pantone of the Year 2022. UTOPIA is a leap of the imagination towards a future in which man will learn to coexist with Nature. In harmony.