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Every year, the FFFMilano’s Artistic Committee defines the Official Selection of 200 fashion films from the 800 received from all over the world. We believe that this cultural heritage is the best asset to share and develop the knowledge of the Fashion Film genre to a wider audience.

In order to achieve this aim Fashion Film Festival Milano is proud to reveal its brand new Film Archive where you can find all the winners and nominees from 2014 until today! We decided to invest a lot of time and effort in our archive, in order to value the work and talent of all the people that every year believe in us and contribute to FFFMilano’s success.

Each film has a dedicated page with all the information regarding the director, brand and production and the complete video.

The ultimate goal will be to create an even more ambitious project for 2019: the whole film archive of the Official Selection starting from 2014, more than 800 dedicated pages that will allow a deep research and understanding of fashion films to an international audience.