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A fashion film expresses fashion in an artistic way with a strong focus on photography, editing, music, aesthetics and poetry. Far from purely commercial purposes, fashion films expand our cultural understanding of the ever-changing fashion industry. They are used as a communication tool by fashion brands, magazines, organizations and activists to build an emotional connection with existing and new costumers and are an effective medium to raise interest in the digital age.

The goal of many Fashion Houses is to communicate the brand’s soul through visionary images created by talented filmmakers. We aim to unite the fashion industry in a single force: Fashion Film Festival Milano.



Founded and directed by Constanza Cavalli Etro, Fashion Film Festival Milano is an international event. More than a festival it is a platform, a cultural meeting point where fashion films from all over the world are presented to give testimony to the talent of both new and established directors. Fashion Film Festival Milano represents the manifold perspectives of the fashion industry and its aesthetic, narrative and stylistic codes, creating a constant exchange between artistic expressions, experiences and identities of creatives all over the world. The festival’s main spirit is to offer an international, democratic event where film submissions and screenings are completely free and open to everyone interested in fashion, cinema art and culture.




FFFMilano receives more than 1000 fashion films from 60 countries for each edition, from which around 200 films are selected for the competition.

Following the philosophy “The Big helps the Small”, the fashion films of renowned directors and important brands share the same space with the ones created by emerging directors and designers from around the world.

Oscar-winning film directors, leading fashion brands, iconic fashion magazines and emerging creative talents all together in a unique experience where fashion unveils itself through the power and magic of cinema.

Still from “Ostal 24” by Marine Serre, Ryan Doubiago & Sacha Barbin for Marine Serre


Every year, FFFMilano invites the most important personalities in the art and cultural industry to declare the winning and nominated films in 15 award categories.

The International Jury included the most important names in the fashion industry, among them Pierpaolo Piccoli and Giorgio Armani, and has seen the participation of Oscar-winning directors Luca Guadagnino and Tim Yip,  renowned photographers Bruno Aveillan, Paolo Roversi, Rankin, Cass Bird and Nadia Lee Cohen, leading voices in the fashion and art industry such as Franca Sozzani, Tim Blanks, Laura Brown, Marcelo Burlon, Anna Dello Russo, Andrea Lissoni, Milovan Farronato, Vincente Todolí and important personalities who are changing the fashion and cultural industry with their creative and activist minds, such as Orsola de Castro, Harris Reed, Lachlan Watson, Waris Dirie, and many more.

Still from FFFMILANO DIGITAL AWARDS 2022, Pierpaolo Piccoli, President of the Jury 2022


FFFMilano features two special projects: #FFFMilanoForWomen to support protagonists and projects that give voice to and celebrate female talent within the creative industry and #FFFMilanoForGreen that aims to encourage  sustainable innovations in the fashion industry.


Since 2017, the #FFFMilanoForWomen initiative has involved women who are rising on their terms. These women represent a diversity of role models, they have different stories, personalities and perspectives which can be inspiring and empowering for other women to put themselves forward and pursue their own paths. FFFMilano dedicates women a special place in screenings, conversations and projects to build a community of talented, strong and determined women who respect and support each other.

#FFFMilanoForGreen was instituted in 2015 out of the need to address the scale of environmental challenges caused by the fashion industry and with the aim to inform and educate sustainable innovations that solve them. The initiative has an important place in every edition with special screenings and talks that involve important players and activists who share their experiences and explain what acts are necessary to build together a better future. Part of the initiative is the award category “Best Green Fashion Film”, the first of its kind given by a film festival to films that raise our consciousness and behaviour towards nature.


Still from “Lotus Eaters” by Mandarava Bricaire and Sofia Quiros Ubeda for Caterina Gatta


FFFMilano presents a great number of gatherings with unique personalities within fashion, cinema, art and culture.

The conversations are important moments of open dialogue between the audience and the most relevant representatives of this international creative universe, among them Claudia Donaldson, Director of NOWNESS, the former Editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani, journalist and fashion influencer Anna Dello Russo, photographer Max Vadokul, fashion designer Stella Jean and Oliver Zahm, founder of the fashion magazine Purple, to name a few.



Conversation “The Gaze of the Future Fashion Film Contest” – FFFMilano 6th edition 2019  


In line with the philosophy of creating a festival as inclusive and democratic as possible, the audience of FFFMilano is given the important task to vote online for their favorite film and decide the winner of the People’s Choice Award.

WIISSA, Winners of the People’s Choice Award in the festival’s 5th edition