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Fashion Film Festival Milano participates to the exhibition “Nothing is real” (at MAO, Museo d’Arte Orientale di Torino, 1st June – 2nd  October) with “Inside the Wonderbox”, a collection of special contents, from the archive and unreleased. As happened for The Beatles, the encounter with the Orient contaminated and enriched the fashion and visual art’s aesthetical point of view.

The unique selection that Fashion Film Festival Milano showcased at MAO wants to be an overview on the results of this match, on how the charm of the East transformed and influenced fashion and art. The psychedelic, the cult of colour and the meeting with the Other, contributed to create a new esoteric and evocative imaginary. The light and the intense colours dive into the screen and lay on the textiles, the lines are bent and twisted, the elegance of the thin oriental faces are captured by the director’s eye full of fascination. The music influenced by the Beatles plays a very important role too, enriching the emotional world of fashion films, where there’s still a very strong and live influence of the artistic and social revolution, which, in those years, was at its zenith.