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If you could be whatever you want, what would you be?


Can you talk about your 5 favourite habits?

Coffee, keeping busy, finding time to do nothing, sparring, children.

A statement or a maxima that describes you.

Working hard to work it out.

Do you feel in love?

Very much.

Why have you chosen to develop a career in the world of moving image?

I have things to say and this is how I project my voice.

Which director is a source of inspiration for you?

Matthieu Kassovitz La Haine.

What do you think about the relation between Fashion and Cinema? In what way do you think fashion films could help both industries?

I don’t think Cinema needs help from fashion. However fashion needs help telling stories that are beyond communicating superficiality and materialism, so fashion needs Cinema and its story tellers.

Look back at your past experiences: do you have a particular job or story to share with us?

I only began to understand myself in my work after my first child was born.

Do you have a special figure, a company or a group you would like to meet and work with?

Anyone who wants to create progressive dialogue with their work.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?

Working hard to work it out.