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Elektra by Giulia Achenza 2019

ELEKTRA DIRECTOR / Giulia Achenza BRAND / Nono Leni COUNTRY / Italy RUNTIME / 5’ 23’’ Natural worlds open through the vital woman body parts, linked all together by the light and the man/android’s touch, represent  the connection between the woman flesh and soul and...

The Rite by Adam Csoka Keller 2019

THE RITE  DIRECTOR / Adam Csoka KellerBRAND / Nowness x Royal Opera HouseCOUNTRY / UKRUNTIME / 5’ 45’’ For the 106th anniversary of Stravinsky’s the Rite of Spring, Culture reimagining and reinterpreting the scandalous ballet at the Royal Opera House with Down...

The Twist by Lope Serrano AKA Canada 2019

THE TWIST DIRECTOR / Lope Serrano AKA CanadaBRAND / Miu MiuCOUNTRY / USARUNTIME / 2’ 02’’ Lope Serrano of CANADA breathes life into Elle Fanning’s Miu Miu fantasy world. A stunning film, full of deja-Mius, Miutants and the Miun, in other worldy scenarios. Lope...

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