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DIRECTOR/ Lisa Rovner

BRAND / Miu Miu
RUNTIME / 4’ 01’’

Emma is an irreverent heroine with a big imagination who craves for the world to be as magical as she is.
When Emma’s relationship comes to an end and her dog starts eating her shoes, a visit to a pet psychic will reveal the truth about her pet’s bad behaviour and why she is the one who really needs the help.
Set in a cloud of burning incense amidst esoteric objects, this satire is a window into the world of modern mysticism that calls attention to the ways independent women comport themselves, and the underlying humour entrenched in the contradictions that makes life for a successful strong woman so messy.
Presented by Miu Miu, ‘The Pet Psychic’ stars Emma Corrin (the Crown) and Zoe Bedeaux and is directed by Lisa Rovner (Sisters with Transistors), shot by David Raedeker (The Souvenir), Art Directors MMParis, Styled by Lotta Volkova, Editor Thomas Goldser, Grade Studio RM, Music John Carroll Kirby & Molly Lewis, Produced by Image Partnership.