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DIRECTOR / Delia Simonetti
BRAND / Schön! magazine
YEAR / 2017
RUNTIME / 4’41”

From Schön! magazine: “Exploring the inner workings of emotions and connectivity, Delia Simonetti brings us a Schön! film. With model Alice Vink playing the protagonist’s part in a very particular exchange. With cinematography by Umberto Costamagna and fashion by Adri Lacaita, Schön! brings you a dialogue with a twist.”A girl living in the countryside receives a long and worried vocal message from her boyfriend, after a little argument. While she’s working with a rope and she’s doing all the typical gestures of someone who’s going to hang himself the voice on the phone sounds worried, scared and all makes us believe about a tragical end. After that the rope tenses up, the message ends and the countryside becames quiet, we finally discover that the girl was only hanging a punching bag at the ceiling e and the moment becames relaxed, she picks up the phone and she calls back her boyfriend, bored by the situation.

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