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DIRECTOR / Michele Foti
BRAND / ATM studio
YEAR / 2016
RUNTIME / 4’34”

The short film shows what’s happening in laundrette everyday. People with various occupations, lifestyles, age, or sex make a big pile of cloths. Assorted colors and sizes of cleaned cloths are covered with clear cloth cover as they are lined in the hanger, waiting for someone to pick them up. A stained shirt that used to be someone’s favorite and an old jacket of somebody’s grandfather are placed with expensive and delicate brand-new dresses at the laundrette. There are pleasant chaos and mistakes always happening at the laundrette. Sometimes busy worker makes a mistake of giving out the wrong laundry. Sometimes people forget to remove the laundry tag and wear it with the clean outfit when they go outside. The every day events are ordinary yet classical with humor of a day at laundrette.