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DIRECTOR / Marie Schuller
BRAND / Dice Kayek
YEAR / 2016
COUNTRY / United Kingdom
RUNTIME / 2’55”

JOKES is my fifth cinematic collaboration with the Parisian label Dice Kayek, presenting their S/S16 collection. The film draws on the surreal and absurd side of creating fashion imagery, using half finished sets and lighting gear to create little sets that float like islands in the white infinity studio. The crew becomes unwitting extras and the models are not only seen, but also heard, telling jokes to the viewers. This unconventional way of presenting fashion in a raw and unpolished manner exposes the weird and wonderful absurdities and oddities of the process of creating fashion imagery. Yet at the same time I try to capture a more personal and endearing side of my subjects – the models are captured posing and performing to camera, however this is juxtaposed with candid shots of them waiting, reacting to the my instructions, or trying out different ways of presenting the garments they are wearing – some of their attempts are more successful, some less, resulting in a sense of sweetness and honesty in the way the models are captured. My wish was to present the beauty of the process of creating fashion imagery and to present a raw, bare and honest portrayal of the fashion and the models – stripped back from any dramatic lighting and after effects. It was a challenge to create something rather minimal and clean. The film is narrated by a female and a male robot who think the jokes are hilarious.