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TITLE MANNER – A way to lead the hand

DIRECTOR Marie Sloth Rousing



The film Manner is showcasing the first installation and collection from the brand SLOTH ROUSING.
The film is investigating the connection between body, clothing and objects by sewing six shirts into a tablecloth and serving a dinner, coloring the piece.
The project MANNER seeks to tell a story on how traces are made from the movements of our hands.



DIRECTOR Marine Serre, Sacha Barbin and Ryan Doubiago

BRAND Marine Serre


The title Ostal24, means maison or house in Occitan – a historical language spoken in Serre’s native region – grew from the values Serre wanted to install in her collection.



DIRECTOR Nikhita Alisha Ohri


COUNTRY Singapore

As humans we are subject to constant criticism from the people around us our entire lives. Everyone passes judgments about how we look, behave and the decisions we make. Sometimes unfairly even about things that are not under our control. No person knows us entirely or why we made certain choices and decisions at certain times yet, that doesn’t stop us from being affected by what they have to say about us. Our minds are constantly sent into overdrive by all their opinions about us, causing it to be overly stimulated making us stressed,
confused and distracted on many occasions. This stimulation of the mind affects the body as well, making our bodies become sensitive to what we hear.
The dancer’s performance aims to portray these emotions through her movement and expressions of how our body reacts and how we try to navigate this path of light and darkness. We try to adjust and accept everything that gets thrown at us but as humans we are not always strong enough to move out of the darkness.


TITLE Midsommar

DIRECTOR Gustav Bondeson

BRAND Maria Nilsdotter


Midsommar – The longest day of the year, when boundaries blur and reality intertwines with the supernatural.



DIRECTOR Rafael Samaras

BRAND Muses Corfu Brand Store


It is a self-exploration through dance, in front of a fire, under the moonlight.


TITLE Eye of the Beholder – Isosceles Lingerie AW21

DIRECTOR Amy Gwatkin

BRAND Isosceles Lingerie

COUNTRY United Kingdom

Continuing the brand’s interest in subverting the male gaze, Isosceles Lingerie takes inspiration from the photographer Friedl Kubelka. Two models are wearing pieces from the AW21 collection and filming themselves in mirrors.
Some of the mirrors overlap, and some have undulating surfaces that distort what they reflect.
The women play with these reflections, all the time in control of what they film, and what the audience.



DIRECTORS Celia Arias, Manuel Mollá


COUNTRY United Kingdom

An echoing question rises: does the world end in fire, or with a single song?
Elizabeth Gibson stars in ‘Elizabeth’, directed by visual artists Celia Arias and Manuel Mollá in their debut collaboration.
Gibson hauntingly weaves an otherworldly narrative of a lonely woman, participating in the daily rituals of a life lived alone. A fragmented pastiche of her lived experiences reverberates around the setting, seeping in and blending with the subject’s otherwise mundane reality.
Whilst there are grander themes at play here on the fragility of life, the central character in front of Mollá’s lens subverts that to focus on the individual, asking not who we are, but rather who we were and how we can become fixated on this idealisation of ourselves.
Ultimately, ‘Elizabeth’ may be read as a reflective interrogation into isolation and memory. Released at a poignant time when the world’s population is self-isolating to protect itself from a dystopian threat, the film serves as a temporal response to the collective anxiety, loneliness & repetition of daily tasks currently being experienced by people of all ages around the globe. The strange beauty that permeates through Arias & Mollá’s film nods towards the optimistic glimmer that, through art, we may connect and thrive through these times and find comfort in our memories.
This fashion film features Spring/Summer 2020 clothing collections styled by Arias, from leading designers: Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Miu Miu, Mary Katrantzou, Simone Rocha, 16 Arlington, Elissa Poppy, Shushu Tong, Oceanus, De la Vali, T-Label and Malene Oddershede Bach.



DIRECTOR Jordan Blady

BRAND Dominika Kozakova

COUNTRY Czech Republic

A visual adaptation of the poem ‘Somebody’ by Bada Diaby.



DIRECTOR Nici Hofer and Karin Berndl

BRAND Flanelle Magazine

COUNTRY United Kingdom

‘Fashion Film “SECRET GARDEN” by director team NICI + KARIN for FLANELLE MAGAZINE.
A dreamy secret garden, hidden in London – an oasis of green, a prefect backdrop for the bold fashion styling by Sophie Kenningham.
Our film is a celebration of colour and nature, hidden within the grey urban life.’


TITLE The Magic Of Suits

DIRECTOR Virgilio Villoresi

BRAND Brunello Cucinelli


In a tailor’s workshop, among mannequins, fabrics, threads and buttons, the magic of tailoring comes to life, creating a world halfway between dream and reality. To convey this “magic”, artist and director Virgilio Villoresi has reconstructed a real tailor’s workshop in his studio, where fabrics, sketches, mannequins, needles and threads come to life through stop motion animation and interact on stage like actors on a stage. Villoresi plays the tailor who knows the secret to making them dance and become enchantment and amazement.


TITLE A hue named blue

DIRECTOR Danny Sangra

BRAND Adidas

COUNTRY United Kingdom

Two creatives explore adidas Originals’ iconic color for the launch of the FW21 Blue Version collection
The color at the heart of adidas Originals gets a new platform in luxe sports fashion with the launch of the Blue Version Fall/Winter 2021 collection. Blue Version pays homage to adidas Originals’ rich heritage by recoding and revamping classic athleisure designs.
In this film directed by Danny Sangra, two creatives come together to explore what the color blue means to them. Seen wearing adidas Originals Blue Verioncollection slim fit track joggers, blue track top, and bicolor trench coat, Anita Chhiba is a New Zealand-born Londoner who founded a community platform that celebrates underrepresented South Asian talent in industries such as fashion and beauty.
The film’s leads capture the drama and euphoria of the color blue in a string of playful responses that ignite the screen with crashing waves and piercing lightning. Sangra’s lens shows every angle of the pair in a split-screen frame, which contains every shade of adidas Originals’ iconic color. From bluebird to deep indigo, the pair presents the color as heritage and vanguard, uncompromising and accommodating. Just like the color blue, adidas Originals is a feeling, a sound, and a mood.



DIRECTOR Massimiliano Bomba

BRAND Alla Carta


In French, the verb détourner means to deviate, to turn, but also to snatch, steal. Aesthetic and narrative codes – visual and sound – have been found to transform Milan into a theater, or rather an open-air aquarium. With the nose pressed to the glass, the viewer observes what happens on the scene, following a female figure in constant movement. The mysterious woman, in her ubiquity, becomes the means through which one discovers the city itself.
Streets, alleys, buildings and, above all, the square become the protagonists of a story in images of a spring day that embodies the essence of the new Alla Carta, Piazza Grande issue.


TITLE ZARA Origins – Avril 14th

DIRECTOR Roger Guardia



CANADA’s Roger Guàrdia has directed the latest campaign for Zara Origins. The commercial film is a visual experience based on Aphex Twin’s ‘Avril 14th’, in which the masters of the classical perform an arrangement of the song in a swimming pool, alongside a diverse cast of models wearing the brand’s collection.



DIRECTOR Timur Celikdag

BRAND The Travel Almanac Magazine

COUNTRY United Kingdom

Having pushed earth beyond its limits, our quest to colonise Mars as a plan B seems perverse to me. This as well as social networks and surveillance cameras tracking all our movements, the Cultural & Social injustices we witnessed and having been separated from loved ones during the last year have inspired the making of this film.
The effect of the above is for some parts of our society only a fraction of the issues they are struggling with.
We are being pushed to rethink how to do things differently and to treasure the people and things we have in our lives. We don’t get a chance to incorporate subjects like these into fashion stories we create very often.



DIRECTOR Roberto Ortu



Changing circumstances have reminded us about our limits, have shown us each other’s personal space, kept – and still keeping – many of us in a box, driving us into a New Era. The rebirth of humankind is necessary for an unconditioned consciousness and revaluating the values. Traditions, appropriations, stereotypes are to be reviewed and need to be consigned to future generations for positive evolution. We chose a glass case to represent different worlds and backgrounds, the world we keep inside ourselves, which may or may not be visible from the outside. Our native cultures belong to our soul and embrace our personalities, differentiates us from each other, but when we come together, there is pure harmony and joy. Contradictions and criticism can bring strength to one’s soul or destroy the world of others: we need to educate and lead towards respect and love, to get a better society for a better future. ACT N°1 isn’t just based on multiculturalism, this is part of our existence. We are becoming the voice of our community and our customers, whoever can relate to us. We drive our forces towards equal rights and supporting the voices of those who need to be heard.


TITLE Gesti familiari: il bagno

DIRECTOR Riccardo Scaburri

BRAND Lessico Familiare


Daily actions in familiar surroundings. The first is the bathroom, full of small virtues. Alberto washes his hands, Riccardo his teeth, Alice his face, Simone fixes his shirt and Chiara turns on the hot water.



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