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This short film takes you on a ride into a carefree imaginary dreamy and often
erotic world, where the characters are nostalgic souls, who share an androgynous
beauty and hip vintage style, who grew up watching old films that inspired them to
create their own queer commune with a communist style in Berlin.
In their world sexual identity is no longer needed and looking fancy doesn’t mean
you’re rich or creative. The youngsters live together and explore themselves and
the city and nudity as a way of living and spending time together.
On one of the weekends they decided to go visit their friend that left Berlin and
Moved to live with his grandma in the countryside in east Germany, in a place that
time seems to stop. While they are all back together, playing cards, running in the
fields, dancing, kissing, and sharing some drinks together, or taking a group bath,
they realize that they are inseparable and they intend to keep it this way forever.



DIRECTOR Nacho Errando

BRAND Palomo Spain


“Nancy Boys is an experimental Fashion Film in collaboration with Palomo Spain. It is the story of a young prostitute boy trying to escape a world full of darkness under the sun of Benidorm”.


TITLE Strange Dreams

DIRECTOR Pedro Podestà

BRAND Numero Netherlands Magazine


Since 2011, mysterious flyers have been appearing all over France, stating that The happy Dream Valley noticed an increasing number of strange dream in certain cities.
The flyers invite you to call the number listed and share your dream to be registered into their database. Up to now, nobody knows who posted these flyers and why.


DIRECTOR Valeriya Kim

BRAND Asay Jurek

COUNTRY Kazakhstan

Asay Jurek’s storyline is about a red vintage coat, two different eras, and brave young hearts.
Nadya, who lives today, walks in a vintage second-hand store, Asay Jurek.
She tries on a red coat, which plunges her into the maelstrom of events during the December youth uprisings in 1986 in Almaty.
Then the owner of the coat was Alma, a young university student. At this turbulent time, she meets and falls in love with Serik, who works on television. He is given a cassette and asked to hide it. The stolen cassette contains footage of the protesting intelligent students of Almaty universities. They spoke out with clear arguments and peacefully expressed their position.
The communist authorities give instructions to confiscate and destroy the cassette since it is not profitable to show the truth. They want to present the youth rally to the people as a senseless gathering of parasites and idlers and stop these events.
Alma is ready to follow and support Serik, and together they hide the tape in the forest. For five years, the young couple will be summoned for interrogation, threatened, and intimidated. But this does not scare them. It is more important for them to know that they have found each other despite all these terrible events.
The film’s storyline is inspired by the memories of real people – journalists Rubikjan Yahin and Rabat Janibekov. The cassette was saved, and after the collapse of the USSR, the archives were taken out of the ground and made public. These cadres to this day remain a symbol of freedom of speech in a democratic state, active citizenship, and faith in the country’s future, which develops thanks to the conscious participation.


TITLE Dr Martens Air Wair 2021

DIRECTOR: Mykhailo Bogdanov

BRAND: Dr Martens

COUNTRY: United States

This film demonstrates values of Dr. Marten’s distinguished movement and highlights the rebellious attitude of bold individuality.


TITLE Portrait of Rosa at French style

DIRECTOR Luca Grazioli



A precious memory of the days spent in the French capital. The director’s gaze gently draws the viewer into this passionate love story, with hints of the “nouvelle vague”.



DIRECTOR Philip Mundt and Bastian Jentschke

BRAND Maison Suneve


Hamburg, 2021. We tell a coming-of-age story, a story about the search for one’s own identity and the quest for belonging.
Eli, Dustin, Milena, Cem and G.T. have known each since the sandbox, and over the years, they’ve grown together into a solid gang. They regularly hang out on G.T.’s roof, drinking beer and smoking weed.
From up here, you can see the whole city,
everything seems tangible, everything seems
possible. From here, the friends plan their forays into the city.
Then, one evening, while the group wanders
the streets, it turns out that G.T. feels more than just friendship for Cem.


TITLE Numero 00 – Vietato non amare

DIRECTOR Daniele Quadrelli

BRAND Numero 00


“Vietato non amare” literally means that not loving is forbidden. This is an ode to equality, brotherhood and love.



DIRECTOR Luis Schubert



A photographer and a writer get closer than expected during a portrait shoot.


TITLE Timeless

DIRECTOR Gio Pellicer



Destiny, in past and future form, as opposed chess figures on a board the player no longer tries to scape. An homage to the love of Teresa and Emilio, the grandparents of Creative Director Pellicer.



DIRECTOR Luisa Pagani

BRAND Federico Cina


Seeing something for the first time, experiencing a full emotion through the eyes of a child. The sea as a vehicle of freedom, the trace of a primordial sensation to be treasured forever.



DIRECTOR Chantal Anderson


COUNTRY United States

Set in a barren landscape devoid of life, a man chases after an impossibly out of reach love only to discover something new about himself. “Log In Your Fire” follows the arc of a person’s desire and asks, “What happens when what you love slips away?” With music by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Emile Mosseri.


TITLE VIDER SON SAC – The forgotten Bag

DIRECTOR Massimiliano Bomba

BRAND Hermes


The Mosaïque bag finds itself at the centre of a love triangle.
Left behind on a public bench, it is soon found by a young man. Inside, a postcard and an address. This is the start of a love story tinged with Parisian romance.



DIRECTOR Antoine Asseraf



Hosted during Paris Fashion Week on October 5th, the Love Brings Love show was a powerful and touching tribute to founder Alber Elbaz, in which 45 designers and fashion houses came together to honor his legacy in a first-of-its-kind runway presentation. Inspired by the 1945 Théâtre de la Mode, which united over sixty French couturiers as a beautiful expression of creativity and solidarity in the wake of World War II, the Love Brings Love event was bestowed particular emotional meaning, by breathing life into one of Alber’s long-held dreams of bringing together his fashion family in a modern iteration of the Théâtre de la Mode.

Presented during Milan’s Fashion Film Festival, the Love Brings Love film is a moving portfolio of the show’s spectacular looks, each designed by one of the 45 renowned designers and emerging talents, including AZ Factory’s own design studio. In it, iconic models from the last XX decades of fashion history, some of whom have grown up alongside Alber, showcase the extraordinary creativity from the show, alongside new faces who have more recently emerged onto the scene. Reflecting Alber’s all-encompassing spirit of solidarity and inclusivity, the show itself, as well as the film, are a beautiful display of what the fashion industry should look like today.



DIRECTORS Gregorio Franchetti and Ilya Sapeha

BRAND Cormio


Presenting the creations of independent designer Jezabelle Cormio, Franchetti and Sapeha evoke the joy of shared creativity. The protagonist is tricked into abandoning her taxi by three arguing people, and finds solace in the piano bars of Rome, eventually joining her new friends in songs full of joy.


TITLE La Bonne Aventure

DIRECTORS Cristiano Pedrocco and Pierluigi Braca

BRAND Vade Retro


The new Vaderetro chapter stems from the origin of the brand creation itself: the travel. The designers have travelled and lived around the world, from the United-Kingdom to France, from Morocco to Chile, reaching a current location in Italy, longing for the next destination. The source of inspiration of the season is one of the most important minority groups in Europe namely: The Roma people. Chapter III named “La Bonne Aventure” takes root in the French expression “Diseuse de Bonne Aventure”; in English: fortune-teller in reference to the mystic yet potent figure of the Roma women reading strangers’ future. The designers gathered their own personal experience as citizens of the World with those never-ending travellers in the hope to transmit a powerful message: Trust the path, chase freedom, carve your own destiny. Vaderetro guideline for this A/W collection follows the Roma process to create their own culture: bringing together all the cultures of the countries they visit and taking from these cultures what suits the most to the ethnic group they belong to. The garments channel this fascinating miscellaneous of aesthetics, traditions juxtaposed with heritage to transcend fashion trends, to create an eternal style.


TITLE Bodies Of Desire

DIRECTORS Varsha Panikar, Saad Nawab



Using Varsha Panikar’s poetry series by the same name, as the point of departure, Bodies of Desire, is a visual poetry film co-directed by Varsha and Saad Nawab. The film captures four sets of lovers amid passion; to create a portrait of tender intimacy, of longing, of discovery, of desire, of embrace and care, of profound companionship. It is a sensual celebration of genderless love and desire, inspired by the poet’s lived reality. The text follows the poet’s journey of healing and self-acceptance as they rediscovers love, passion and identity after encountering their muse, their lover, who acts as an encounter, a rupture that awakens the poet and their desire to express their inner truth. Immersed in the lover’s thought, the poet recalls moments spent in embrace – the touch, the taste, the smell, the little things that evoke feelings and emotions in them, that are complex, multidimensional and fluid, and inevitably puts them on a path of discovering their own power and uniqueness.