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DIRECTOR / Eugenio Recuenco

BRAND/ Honor


RUNTIME / 08:21

We witness the arrival of two different women to an isolated house in the middle of nature and there all the women will share with three more women the same space and absorption in their own reflection.

Upon entering the house, complete a mosaic of CDs that exists on one of the walls. To do this, use the CD you have removed from the car player. The design of the CD corresponds to the album “The Sounds of Earth”, which Carl Sagan created for the Voyager space missions.
They will relate in different ways to your image; either through spaces that multiply their faces, objects that distort them or phones and polaroid cameras with which they take selfies, while one records everything with their old camera
Simultaneously, they interact with different objects, with themselves or with each other. They interact with their own image. They live isolated. Out of his time.

But a light bursts from outside the house. A great white flash that captures the attention of all the characters that share the space of the house.