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TITLE Portrait de Nathalie De Zan

DIRECTOR Cédric Martin

BRAND Des forets


With this interview you will enter in the dreamlike world of an artist. Take a peek behind the veil of the scenery and discover glamorous and colorful images which seem to be alive.


TITLE From the Jump



COUNTRY United States

The video “FROM THE JUMP” is created for British headwear brand KANGOL’s
spring summer 2021 campaign. To celebrate the new chapter of 2021 and convey
the brand spirit – KANGOL embraces a punk spirit & youth culture since 1938 from the British Military to the Beatles, to Hip-Hop, we use the concept “time warp” to
run through the whole video.
The story is starting with a teen sitting in front of a television, enjoying “future
nutrition”. While seeing KANGOL different eras’ images on the screen, he was
jumping into another space through time traveling, exploring and searching for his
self-identity in absolute time and space
To develop a retro-futurism aesthetic, the setting such as TV and furniture were
made in the real 70s. Aesthetics in this video direction hover between truth and
fantasy, past and present, virtual and physical. In 2021 our fears may not be going
away, but we will be more open to confronting or escaping them through a mix of physical and digital realities. The aim of this video is not just to send a message to
the audiences, but to construct a new reality, a new normal.



DIRECTOR Giovanni Conte



During a bathroom break, an actress wonders what her next job will be like.



DIRECTOR Francesca Albergo

BRAND Acidalatte


Eva and Carolina are two girls who live their lives in the monotonous routine of the girls’ boarding school in Colle Malfiorito.
Their days are marked by a series of repetitive situations from which they try to escape, taking refuge in a world of their own, in which they live distracted with their imaginary friend Signor Coniglio.



DIRECTORS Brian Wolk, Claude Morais


COUNTRY United States

Grand Gestures taps into Wolk Morais’ diverse community of actors and creatives to perform in a modern adaption of “To Be or Not to Be” soliloquy from Hamlet.



DIRECTOR Giulia Lentsch



A young man is sitting on a bench deep in thought. He is reflecting on his life and on the strong presentiment that has plagued him for some time, is he really a loser?
He is thinking about all this while observing a very “cool” man in a magazine thinking about how much he would like to be like him. Unfortunately his deep fear is confirmed not only by his unintentional super normcore outfit but also by the fact that just as he is about to lick the ice cream cone he is holding in his hands he realizes that the ice cream is melted and is falling to the ground.
The disconsolate protagonist sees a flyer on the ground, intrigued, he picks it up and reads: “Do you want to be a winner? take part in our bowling tournament ”.
The protagonist sees the flyer as a “sign”, and decides it is time to get involved, gets up and goes home to get ready for the tournament.
This time, however, he really wants to change something about himself, so she decides to wear his brother’s old clothes.
After a long preparation on the notes of rock song, he goes to the bowling alley, but once he opens the front door, he realizes that
the competition has already ended.
This time, however, the protagonist does not let himself be disheartened by his usual bad luck, now he believes in himself and decides to play a last game alone.


TITLE Les Mademoiselles – How to cure boredom?




I’m reporting the stream of consciousness and the overthinking of this period in a funny way. This is an introspective journey to explore the dream world of the human mind.



DIRECTOR Stefano Lari

BRAND Various


Contatto: Matteo Alberti

“More” is a story of craving for life, where the hunger of feeling alive meets the desire to possess the whole everything. And more.



DIRECTORS Giada Biaggi e Vittoria Paglino

BRAND Marco Rambaldi


“Libera Bionda” is a video-essay that ironically reflects on the role of women in Italian TV through the display of fashion. A whispered revolution, suspended between Flavia Vento’s bleaching and Karl Marx’s grey beard; between Miuccia Prada and Festa dell’Unità.





COUNTRY United Kingdom

A Fashion Story is a fashion roadmovie in which we follow Tatum on her journey to pick up a pair of eBay bought vintage Prada heels. Coming from Rotterdam city, she has to travel a long way deep into the Dutch countryside to eventually – after some humps and bumps in the road – arrive at her seller’s house.


TITLE The North Face x Gucci presented by Highsnobiety

DIRECTOR Fiona Jane Burgess

BRAND The North Face x Gucci

COUNTRY United Kingdom

A new generation of birdwatching enthusiasts are breaking down the stereotype of what outdoor recreation looks like and who it is for. Through it, more people are discovering the mental and physical benefits of being in nature. Among those leading the charge is Flock Together, a birdwatching collective redefining what birdwatching looks like by challenging the underrepresentation of Black and other POC in nature. In partnership with The North Face x Gucci, this campaign brings to the fore those changing the outdoors for the better.
This campaign film features the Flock Together founders Lalu ‘Ollie’ Olanipekun and Nadeem Perera as the intrepid guides of a whimsical bird watching tour. An ode to the great outdoors that has served even more purpose to most this last year, and a colourful reflection of the playful collaboration between two brands.




BRAND Ace Norton

COUNTRY United States

VACUUM, written and directed, by Ace Norton is a satirical short film depicting party culture in Los Angeles. The comedic short follows a party-goer as he becomes a literal vacuum in the midst of an LA party. Norton was inspired to create VACUUM after being drawn to a painting called “Birds of Paradise” by Carl Dobsky when visiting an art show a few years at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. The painting depicted a well-dressed societal people enjoying the luxuries that life has to offer while the hills are blazing in the far distance. “It was like Emperor Nero who played his fiddle while Rome burned,” says Norton. A few days later, the idea for VACUUM came to be.


TITLE Wife, Witch, Poisoner, Whore

DIRECTOR Charlotte Wales

BRAND Alexander

COUNTRY United Kingdom

It’s a campaign for the new long-form journalism app, Alexander – delivering global, non-fiction stories from the world’s best storytelling talent. This piece is a live action trailer directed by Charlotte Whales featuring Emma Corrin playing Frances Howard, an early 17th century noblewoman. Frances was accused of bewitching her husband into impotence, seducing the king’s favourite, and poisoning the favourite’s favourite with cakes and jellies for getting in her way.



DIRECTOR Jordan Blady

BRAND Situationist


Desperate to know the future, the Thief and the Driver attempt to steal a crystal ball from a powerful Witch.


TITLE Loubi Airways

DIRECTOR Victor Bastidas

BRAND Christian Louboutin


You’re in the airport lounge and the speaker’s announcement tells you it’s time to board. When you collect your belongings you realize that someone reads the newspaper, leaves it as if everything was happening in slow motion; You see the coolest pilot you’ve ever seen, in a red uniform! This pilot is the one from your flight and has chosen to fly with Loubi Airways.
When she leaves the Ambassador lounge of the TWA Terminal, you follow her, her presence makes you not want to take your eyes off her, and when she arrives to meet the cabin crew, it happens again: Everything seems to be happening in slow motion.
You see that the cabin crew and the pilot meet and it makes you wish that the flight you are about to board never ends. They walk together to the most enjoyable security checkpoint you have ever seen and you follow them as they pass and move towards the plane, now you can’t wait to get on board to see them again.
Loubi Airways is the story of everyone’s dream flight! And the fun things we experience when we travel.



DIRECTOR Stephen Pierce Ringer

BRAND Loro Piana


Join us on a special weekend in Tuscany from the Maremma farmlands to the legendary chic coastline. A group of old friends join together at Hotel Il Pellicano to celebrate life, friendship and beach bags!
From the moment the friends meet, the Loro Piana Summer in Stripes collection plays the hero in every situation, from cruising in the back of the Lancia cabriolet to picnic on a Buffalo farm.
It’s a weekend to remind us the lost era of glamour has never really left at all.



DIRECTOR Massimiliano Bomba

BRAND Jacquemus


L’ ANNÉE 97″ a short film focused on fall winter 2020 accessories. The film plays with the repetitions, in the span of a daily routine.
Fun and raw sketches moments directed by Massimiliano Bomba, creative direction by Simon Jacquemus, Director of Photography by Giuseppe Favale, set design by Till Duca and original soundtrack by Mosche.co


TITLE Longchamp – Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille

DIRECTOR Lope Serrano

BRAND Longchamp


Lope Serrano of CANADA directs the eight-minute short film/music video for Longchamp, launching the French handbag and fashion brand’s entirely new global platform ‘très Paris. The film is inspired by the iconic ’60s French track ‘Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille’ (a song by Dutronc, Lanzmann & Segalen, in the voice of the French artist Clara Luciani), and tells the story of two girls who go on an adventure as Paris is waking up (or, as the song says, ‘Paris s’éveille’). The piece stars British actress and model, Amber Anderson, and one of France’s most promising up-and-coming actresses, Mathilde Ollivier.


TITLE Louis Vuitton – Holidays 2020

DIRECTOR Lope Serrano

BRAND Louis Vuitton

Country France

Lope Serrano of CANADA directed Louis Vuitton‘s Holiday 2020 campaign, featuring the brand ambassador Alicia Vikander. Created by the Paris based agency, Maybe, the short film weaves together brief moments of opening – a door, a suitcase, a gift – so emblematic of the Christmas spirit. Serrano conveys story details in incredibly brief shots, with tight cuts and snappy editing heightening the tender feelings of anticipation and payoff that arise from going to visit loved ones or receiving a personal gift. The film fuses surreal set pieces and a psychedelic palette with natural, heartfelt depictions of gift-giving and togetherness, in a colourful and musical joyousness.



DIRECTOR Gabriele Albergo

BRAND Traffico


“On the wave of the “km0 brand” Traffico collaborates with the Apulian photographer artist Gabriele Albergo, with a promo video of the collection that brings to light, in a modern key, the theme of “teleshopping”.
The simplicity of the memory of the tradition of local teleshopping.
The local taste is colored with irony with an international flavor. The women, always protagonists, tell the style of each shoe in different languages, creating the illusion of confidence.


Director: Lisa Rovner
Brand: Miu Miu

Emma is an irreverent heroine with a big imagination who craves for the world to be as magical as she is.
When Emma’s relationship comes to an end and her dog starts eating her shoes, a visit to a pet psychic will reveal the truth about her pet’s bad behaviour and why she is the one who really needs the help.
Set in a cloud of burning incense amidst esoteric objects, this satire is a window into the world of modern mysticism that calls attention to the ways independent women comport themselves, and the underlying humour entrenched in the contradictions that makes life for a successful strong woman so messy.