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Fashion Film Festival Milano has closed the Milan Women Fashion Week and the FFFMilano’s 8th Edition with a special in person night hosted at the Triennale di Milano on Sunday 27th February in collaboration with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and ICE Agenzia.

The documentary “Elio Fiorucci – Free Spirit ” (2017) by Andrea Servi and Swan Bergman tells how Fiorucci not only shook Italian fashion, but also testifies his immeasurable influence on the design, music and photography international scene. The film was screened at the Triennale Milano Teatro with the presence on stage of Elio Fiorucci’s friends and family such as Oliviero Toscani, Milly Moratti, Isabella Tonchi, Karla Otto, Carla Sozzani, Martina Baltazar, Andrea De Crescentini who shared with the audience unforgettable moments lived with Elio.
The atmosphere was full of Love and Respect and the 70’s feeling that “everything seemed possible” was back for a moment.

With this event the Festival had celebrated Life and Freedom, the freedom of expression that Elio lived and fought for. In this hard and difficult times, we want Peace and Freedom for all and truly hope for a world full of Joy, Creativity and Love.

Thank you to all our amazing friends, creatives and free thinkers that joined us during this magic night and thank you to our wonderful community that keeps on supporting us.

“Being reunited in this theater at the Triennale di Milano, in this place loved so much by Elio Fiorucci, fills me with emotion. We have been dreaming of an evening like this for two years. For me, it is an immense honor to have the opportunity to close a wonderful eighth edition of Fashion Film Festival Milano with the celebration of a global excellence like Elio Fiorucci. An extraordinary human being loved by many, a character who brought Italy to the world like no other, a man who lived a life full of colors and adventures, with generosity and modesty, always brave and in complete freedom. Fiorucci’s joyful and free world arrived from Milan till my hometown Buenos Aires, right in front of my house and it inspired my whole youth. Fiorucci was my myth, it represented how I wanted to see the world..and his jeans were my best friends.” – Constanza Cavalli Etro

(left to right) Andrea De Crescentini, Andrea Servi, Constanza Cavalli Etro, Swan Bergman
Stefano Tonchi
Oliviero Toscani
Isabella Tonchi and Carla Sozzani
Carlo Capasa
Carla Sozzani, Giannino Malossi, Karla Otto
Andrea Servi, Oliviero Toscani, Swan Bergman
Antonio Sacco and Alessia Cappello
Marva Griffin and Constanza Cavalli Etro
Carla Sozzani
Andrea Batilla
Karla Otto and Constanza Cavalli Etro
Stefano Boeri
Miyuki Yajima
Andrea Servi, Constanza Cavalli Etro, Swan Bergman
Luca Stoppini
Constanza Cavalli Etro and Gloria Maria Cappelletti
Cecilia Benatoff and Marva Griffin
Gianluca Lo Vetro
Francesca Taroni and Marva Griffin
Eva Geraldine Fontanelli
Derek Castiglioni and Francesca Guarino
Deborah De Groot and Federico Sigali
Giulia Gaudino
Marianne Mirage
Luna Bonaccorsi and Leonardo Bormioli
Paola Manfrin
Franco Marabelli and Giorgiana Ravizza
Constanza Cavalli Etro and Kean Etro
Constanza Cavalli Etro and Carla Sozzani
Cristina Tajani Pucci and Mario Boselli
Andrea De Crescentini and Oliviero Toscani
Milly Moratti
Andrea de Crescentini and Martina Baltazar
Constanza Cavalli Etro and Kean Etro
Andrea Servi, Oliviero Toscani, Swan Bergman
Sofia, Gerolamo, Constanza and Kean Etro
Anna and Luigi Caccia, Constanza Cavalli Etro
Andrea Servi
(left to right) Karla Otto, Charles Berthoud, Francois Berthoud, Giannino Malossi
(left to right) Alessandro Frigerio, Gerolamo, Lorenzo, Filippo, Veronica and Sofia Etro
Martina Baltazar
(left to right) Martina Baltazar, Constanza Cavalli Etro, Swan Bergman, Andrea Servi, Karla Otto, Isabella Tonchi
(left to right) Constanza Cavalli Etro, Swan Bergman, Karla Otto, Isabella Tonchi, Giannino Malossi, Milly Moratti, Andrea De Crescentini
Franco Marabelli
Triennale Milano
Constanza Cavalli Etro and Carlo Capasa
Constanza Cavalli Etro, Alessia Cappello, Carlo Capasa
Still from "Elio Fiorucci - Free Spirit"
Triennale Milano Teatro



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