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TITLE: Piano piano, piano

DIRECTOR: Luca Attilio Caizzi

BRAND: Bloc Studios


The main characters are a grand piano and a young skinny boy. The musical instrument is located in a room: a beautiful living room of an old and classical Milanese house.

TITLE: The Kutty Collective 

DIRECTOR: Caroline Mackintosh

BRAND: Document Journal

COUNTRY: South Africa 

Kutti Collective is a South African Indian Art Collective. It is comprised of individual and collaborating Desi artists, based in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. Kutti Collective is a space where we mediate our art and identities; and support one another on a personal level as well as in our respective artistic practices.

TITLE: Rione co-2.0

DIRECTOR: Tobias Kubli

BRAND: Rione

COUNTRY: Switzerland

Eat limes and feel the summer.

TITLE: Fall / Winter 2020 Collection | Sara Gervasoni

DIRECTOR: Daniele Zen 

BRAND: Sara Gervasoni


Fashion Film made for Sara Gervasoni’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection, through the art direction of Sofia Provesi and the direction of Daniele Zen, Studio Genesi has staged an atypical Morocco, a distant reminiscence of dances, music and colors.

TITLE: Pelo Lacio

DIRECTOR: Diane Russo

BRAND: Love Want Magazine

COUNTRY: United States 

To all those Dominican girls who always felt a little different. These are my sisters & I, the new generation of Dominican Women” – Luz Guzman

TITLE: Never love

DIRECTOR: Marco Viganò



Never Love follows a disconnected thread of memories, where clashes and approaches alternate in an apparently random succession. 

TITLE: Unapologetic

DIRECTOR: Xavier Singer-Kingsmith


COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Unapologetic is a short dance fashion film about transgender and non-binary performers exploring their own gender identities through costume and movement.

TITLE: Hello Marcelino

DIRECTOR: Jacob Sutton

BRAND: Cloakroom Magazine – Clothes by Bottega Veneta

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

An introduction to the extraordinary new Principle dancer for the Royal Ballet.

TITLE: Bo Hendrix

DIRECTOR: Nici Hofer, Karin Berndl

BRAND: Luna Magazine 

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Fashion Film for Luna Magazine

TITLE: Ladri di Patta

DIRECTOR:Victor D. Ponten

BRAND: Patta


To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Patta Milan store the streetwear brand launches ‘Ladri di Patta’, a six minute short film inspired by the neo realist classic ‘Ladri di Biciclette’

TITLE: Tempo Sacrifice

DIRECTOR: Alexander Ingham Brooke

BRAND: Artist Commission by Boy Brother Friend

COUNTRY: United Kingdom 

‘Tempo Sacrifice’ is a short film and photographic story by visual artist and filmmaker Alexander Ingham Brooke, starring Damson Idris and Weston Gavin. The film is both a document of London and a fictional allegory on the nature of time and masculinity.

TITLE: The Long Goodbye

DIRECTOR: Lunatics & Poets and Eori Wakakuwa


COUNTRY: Netherlands

TITLE: The cock destroyers

DIRECTOR: Matt Lambert

BRAND: Interview Magazine


TITLE: Rebirth

DIRECTOR: Matilde Ferri

BRAND: Harper’s Baazar Italia