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If you could be whatever you want, what would you be?

I guess myself, but richer (and taller)

Can you talk about your 5 favourite habits?

My true hobby is to chill with a drink and talk with people, maybe cooking in the meanwhile. Along with that I like to bike in the countryside during Summer evenings, to collect different editions of children’s classic books, I develop an insane passion for fragrances and smells in general and I love eating fish, any kind.

A statement or a maxima that describes you.

Where’s my phone? -> at least once a day, since my Nokia in 2002

Do you feel in love?

I have a never ending crush for Keira Knightley.

Why have you chosen to develop a career in the world of moving image?

I sincerely love the medium itself, and I like to push it the most that I can, playing with sound and rhythm and having fun with it.

Which director is a source of inspiration for you?

I’m totally crazy for Lynne Ramsay, but who isn’t?

What do you think about the relation between Fashion and Cinema? In what way do you think fashion films could help both industries?

I always loved directors who had an eye for fashion and I think fashion film is a great way to play with non-narrative stories, and to explore the connections between different media – painting, film, photography, music, and obviously fashion and a great way to develop characters with a strong presence.

Look back at your past experiences: do you have a particular job or story to share with us?

I have a particular bondage with my last fashion film “Please, call me back!” for Schon Magazine. Even if it’s maybe the less “fashion” it was a my first step into fiction and it helped me developing a personal point of view: what if we don’t see love as pure drama as usual? What if I put a twist that’s a bit funny and suddenly cynical?

Do you have a special figure, a company or a group you would like to meet and work with?

I love brand with a strong product, a strong concept and an eye for art and cinema. Being now in love with fragrance and accessories I’d love to work with perfume brands or brand with accessories.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?

Look back at the first question + the second.