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“Love Infinity”







Tim Yip meets London-based artist Pandemonia in a dialogue that will transport the viewer into Yip’s creative universe, with a special focus on his latest film ‘Love Infinity’.

Tim Yip – Oscar winner, world-renowned visual artist, costume designer, and art director for stage and film

Tim Yip works widely in contemporary film, theatre, art, literature and other creative fields. For “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, Yip won the Oscar for “Best Art Direction”, becoming the first Chinese to be awarded by the Academy, and the British Film and Television Academy award for “Best Costume Design”, in 2001.

Since joining his first movie “A Better Tomorrow” in 1986, Tim Yip has created sets and costumes for many films, cooperating with world famous directors such as #JohnWoo, AngLee, Feng Xiaogang, Cai Mingliang, Chen Guofu, Guan Jinpeng, Chen Kaige and more.

Since 2002, Tim Yip has held special exhibitions at the National Palace Museum in Taiwan, Maison de la culture bourges in France, the Royal Dutch Theater in Amsterdam, the Madrid Cultural center in Spain, and the @Kennedycenter for the Performing Arts in the United States.

Tim Yip has worked with M.A.C, Chow Tai Fook Jewellery and other well-known commercial brands in cross-border artistic collaborations

Pandemonia is a character and persona created as conceptual art by an anonymous London-based artist that has appeared in the art and fashion world since 2009.

Initially a “crasher” at fashion and social events, Pandemonia eventually became a London Fashion Week VIP guest.

Pandemonia is a critical reflection and, as such, an intervention upon ideas of celebrity and femininity. She is a pointed manifestation of how these ideas intersect with mass media, social media, and the marketability of desire. The art of Pandemonia herself is that of a constructed figure placed in the landscape of media, fashion and art events that has instigated the media response by feeding back to the media its own language, imagery and ideals. The growth of Pandemonia’s celebrity is one of the themes in her art, which also explores archetypes of pop myth and reality.

Pandemonia’s art is not only cross-media (sculpture, digital art, photography, and performance), but also cross-generational as she ties the earliest moments of Pop Art to the most current worlds of celebrity, fashion and contemporary art, creating an arc and evolution which continues its ongoing exploration