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DIRECTOR / Ced Pakusevskij, Tafari Hinds


RUNTIME / 01:53

The eye of technology reflects upon itself through society as if looking in the mirror for the first time. Transforming models into digital Avatar on the council estates of London, revealing beautiful digital creations and new worlds of augmented reality. What does it mean to be an avatar? An avatar is the digital representation of yourself in the digital world. Your avatar can be anything you want it to be, or to represent who you are. This kind of freedom of self-expression breaks us free from stereotypes and grants us unlimited infinite ways to be who we want to be digitally.

We apply the same philosophy to the shoot and allow for each Avatar Reborn to become anything they want to be in the physical realm. A transformation from the digital to physical by philosophy and from natural to digital through the help of Ai co-creation, to transform both model, garment and environment, into augmented reality and digital animation creations. What the shoot tells us is you no longer have to be defined by one thing or another when you can be an infinite universe of beauty and possibilities.