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DIRECTOR / Asaf Einy

BRAND / Tal Maslavi

COUNTRY / Israel

RUNTIME / 11:59

“ASMR is a term used to describe a physical reaction that is characterized by tingling sensation and is usually caused by tactile and cognitive stimuli. Modern life exists on the border of physical and virtual and as such our ability to touch and feel has been compromised. At the same time the devices through which we experience life are becoming sleeker, smoother and less tactile. In my final collection, i examined the human need for touch, interaction and perhaps even a grasp of reality. looking at the ease with which we have expropriated our senses in the transition to digital life. The visual language of the collection is inspired by the visuals of online content creators of “satisfying videos” that flooded the social networks and offer the viewer a synthetic ASMR experience. Familiar clothing details were transferred to a speculative realm where th materiality,eir color story and purpose was re-examined. The result is an avant-garde men’s collection with a humorous and critical look that asks the wearer to feel once more.” – Tal Maslavi