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DIRECTOR: Raya Al Souliman

BRAND: Lucian Varvaroi

COUNTRY: Romania

“XXX” is a fashion film that showcases Lucian Varvaroi’s debut collection. It’s an exploration of post communist Eastern-European macho-man stereotypes wrapped in a pop futuristic aesthetic.


TITLE: The Internet Dress 


BRAND: Celina Eslava 

COUNTRY: Argentina

The city is taken by this endless dresses, by this rounded, raw, arrhythmic dance.


TITLE: Hometown: Simone Rocha

DIRECTOR: Isolde Penwarden and Eoin McLoughlin


COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Watch as Simone and i-D travel to London, Dublin and Hong Kong to explore how the designer was inspired by her experiences in the three cities she calls home.


TITLE: I’m here

DIRECTOR: Kateryna Tiurina

BRAND: Dafna May, Andreeva

COUNTRY: Ukraine

Kyiv, year 2019 – total copying of style, attitudes, hobbies. Unreasonable obsession with everything new, trendy, lack of autonomous thinking, lack of truth and real desires. The new generation stopped asking themselves – what do I really want to do here and now?


TITLE: We got your back

DIRECTOR: Elvin Jay Macanlalay 


COUNTRY: Philippines

Taclob is a social enterprise that employs disaster survivors and hearing impaired individuals to create stylish, disaster ready and up-cycled bags made from re-purposed clothing that responds to responsible and sustainable consumption by producing the most sustainable backpack in the planet through their innovated concept of upcycling.



TITLE: My love is epiphyllum

DIRECTOR: Maxett Pribylov

BRAND: What about us , future is nown


My video has the spirit of the first pure love. The video “my love is epiphyllum” tells about the summer dreams of lovers, when mutual care is metaphorically represented as the care of a person for a houseplant.


TITLE: Out of the Blue (Rimowa Road Trip)

DIRECTOR: Julia Ling Kelleher

BRAND: Rimowa

COUNTRY: United States

“Out of the Blue” follows a girl through the falling out of a relationship and how she overcomes this loss by going on the road with her friends.


TITLE: Gente del Po

DIRECTOR: Andrea Lamedica

BRAND: Multibrand for The Collector Magazine


The editorial project is inspired by the first documentary produced by Michelangelo Antonioni in 1943 and finished in 1947, when Fascism ended. It is considered the first Norealistic film with Visconti’s Obsession.



DIRECTOR: Masha Butorina


COUNTRY: Russia 

The grotesque between refined forms of existence and animal customs. The main character – a mythical character in the image, which combines the features of man and animal.



DIRECTOR: Alexandre Bré 



I would like to ask ourselves about our loss of divine, directing Caroline as a goddess abandoned by all. Meanwhile she’s leaving us, she goes to a huge and wild radio astronomy station in the middle of nowhere to shine bright again as a divinity as she is.


TITLE: If Were Were Young

DIRECTOR: Siqin Bian


COUNTRY: United States

Through a grandpa’s perspective, he is imagining a younger version of himself being with a younger version of his wife, living in a modern time.



DIRECTOR: Thomas Gerard 


COUNTRY: France 

Human experience spiral down when panic strikes. In this short essay, we pictured the turmoil that goes with the experience of the downward spiral.


TITLE: 2020: Urban Secret Garden

DIRECTOR: Ben Zeiger and Tair Adato


COUNTRY: United States 

Is the present – our present – the cusp of adulthood. It’s about living in a city that is consumed by the notion of advancement, of now or never.



TITLE: 300 in 60

DIRECTOR: Andrii Kaplia

BRAND: Balenciaga

COUNTRY: Ukraine

A chaotic outlook on disappointment in fashion industry life. Anastasia signs a contract with BALENCIAGA, but at the last moment she is denied and is being replaced by another model.


TITLE: What’s your story

DIRECTOR: Iheanyi Njemanze

BRAND: Nazarene Amictus

COUNTRY: Nigeria

“What’s your story” as titled is a short fashion film that focuses on the narration of the Michaelangelo painting “The Creation of Adam”. 


TITLE: The Cork Mask – A Máscara de Cortiça

DIRECTOR: Tiago Cerveira


COUNTRY: Portugal

All villages in Serra da Lousã had cork oaks.  In the Entrudo, traditional Carnival, the old Cortiços were used as Masks.  It was a day when almost anything was worth.



DIRECTOR: Carlotta Manaigo


COUNTRY: United States 

A profile of Ryugan Savoca, founder and master of an aikido dojo in Gowanus , Brooklyn, the film explores its mission to foster harmony through training in aikido, weapons, misogi and Zen meditation.


TITLE: Paris Mon Amour

DIRECTOR: Joshua Gordon

BRAND: C.P. Company

COUNTRY: France 

Paris can often feel like an evasive kind of city, one with two distinct faces. But there’s another side of Paris, one that the city itself tends to hold back for locals and those in the know. 


TITLE: To be an American

DIRECTOR: Marco Castro


COUNTRY: United States

Intentionally filmed handheld, as if shot by a close family member, with a sense of paradise lost for this Latinx youth. The film intimately shares the voices of a new generation of Latinos and their hope for the new US. 



TITLE: The Pulse of the Spirit

DIRECTOR: Eicke Bettinga 


COUNTRY: Germany

Meet Brian, 49 years old, retail marketer and aspiring mountaineer. And his son Phil.


TITLE: Now Boarding





TITLE: The Indian Artivist

DIRECTOR: Bastien Internicola

BRAND: Gucci x Mixte Magazine 


In partnership with Gucci, Mixte Magazine went to meet the young Indian artist and feminist activist Aqui Thami.

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