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Actress and Director

Stefania Rocca is an Italian actress with an international career, praised by the critics for her ability to deny clichés and stereotypes as well as acting in different genres and ever-changing roles.

She has studied acting in Rome at the Experimental Center of Cinematography and in New York at the world known Actor’s Studio .

To date, she has received 8 nominations and won 5 awards including Golden Globe, David di Donatello and Silver Ribbon.

Stefania Rocca has participated in numerous Italian films and international productions among which:

In English language:

– Anthony Minghella’s “The Talent of Mr. Ripley”, nominated for 5 Oscars
– Kenneth Branagh’s  “Love’s pains lost”, a musical where she tests her singing and tap-dancing skills
– Oscar nominee Mike Figgis’ “Hotel”
– Tom Tykwer’s “Heaven” opposite Cate Blanchett;
– Abel Ferrara’s “Mary” and “Gogo tales” with Willem Dafoe and Forest Whitaker and Matthew Modine

In French language

– Jean Luc-Godard’s “Inside Out”,
– Pierre Aknine’s  “D’Artagnan et le trois mousquetaires “ with Tchèky Karyo and Emanuelle Beart
– Niels Arestrup’s  “Le Candidat” with Yvon Attal
– Jean-Baptiste Huber’s “Le Candidat libre”
– Nicolas Provost’s “L’Envaisseur “

In Italian language:

– Oscar-winning Gabriele Salvatores’  “Nirvana”, judging herself the Golden Ciak award
– Cristina Comencini’s “La bestia nel cuore” shortlisted at the Oscars for the “Best foreign film” award

For the theater she has worked with international directors such as:

–  Robert Le-Page in “LePoligraphe”
–  Walter Lemoli in “Giovanna D’Arco”
–  Jerome Savary in the musical comedy “Irma la dolce”
–  Alessandro Baricco and Gabriele Vacis in  “Totem”
–  Franco Però in “Scandalo” an unpublished text by Arthur Schnitzler  GREAT SILENCE” directed by Alessandro Gassman.
–  Alessandro Gassman in “Great Silence”

Currently, she is directing her first feature film, while she has already been the Director of several short films presented at the best international festivals. Her latest short entitled  “The Dreamers’ Room”  was nominated by Vogue Italia among the most beautiful fashion videos of the 2021 Milano Fashion Week.

Recently was named Artistic Director of the “OFFF”- Otranto Film Fund Festival