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As part of #FFFMilanoForGreen, the 9th edition presented an exclusive screening of SLAY, a documentary by Rebecca Cappelli on the leather industry’s harmful practices which hurt the animals, the workers and are linked to serious degradation of the environment.

The screening was preceded by the presentation of fashion films by Master Students in Fashion Communication & Art Direction of Accademia Costume & Moda and followed by a panel discussion moderated by the journalist and researcher Riccardo Conti and attended by Rebecca Cappelli, Emma Hakansson and Maurizio Montalti.


Founder Collective Fashion Justice, Author

Activist, author and jury member of FFFMilano’s 9th edition, Emma Hakansson, tells us about the mission of her organization Collective Fashion Justice and the necessary steps to build a fashion system that prioritizes the welfare of animals, workers and our planet.

Learn more by visiting Collective Fashion Justice’s website (link here: www.collectivefashionjustice.org) and their reports on materials used in clothing.



The director Rebecca Cappelli on the importance of presenting her documentary SLAY to diverse audiences, including and particularly those invested in fashion, and the film’s main objective to shed light on the exploitation of animals in the fashion industry.

SLAY is available in free streaming on WaterBear (link here: join.waterbear.com) and Apple TV (link here: tv.apple.com/us/movie/slay)


Chief Mycelium Officer, Chairman, Co-Founder SQIM

Maurizio Montalti is the Chief Mycelium Officer, Chairman, and co-Founder of SQIM (link here: sqim.bio, a design-driven bio-materials company developing technologies and products based on harnessing the high potential expressed by fungal mycelium, and delivering applications for interior design/architecture and for fashion, with the brands MOGU (link here: mogu.bio) and EPHEA (link here: ephea.bio).

Maurizio spoke with us about how biofabricated materials are becoming a valuable complementary and regenerative alternative to conventional solutions across multiple industries.