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Founder of Vestiaire Collective

Born and raised in France, Fanny Moizant spent her formative years in her mother’s fashion boutiques, learning the ins and outs of both style and business. In 2001, Moizant graduated with a degree in marketing from the NEOMA Business School, where she honed her managerial skills. From there she went on to work for several fashion and apparel brands such as John Galliano and Mexx, eventually taking a position with the French interior company, Venilia.
After six years there, Moizant decided to return to her original love, fashion, and in 2007 completed a Master’s degree in Fashion and Luxury Management at the Institut Francais de la Mode in Paris. This degree, combined with her marketing skills, created the basis for Moizant’s ongoing success and unique perspective on the industry, and provided her with a unique appreciation for the balance between creativity and commercial appeal, which has been the key to her success.

After having her two daughters, Moizant was inspired to start her own company. She came up with the idea to launch Vestiaire Collective after noticing significant changes in the way that people were consuming fashion: buying more and wearing less. The rise of social media and fast fashion has led from an era of possession to an era of usage, where consumers are urgently in need of a sustainable solution to cope with this behaviour. This soon led to the creation of Vestiaire Collective, a company dedicated to providing an opportunity for people to extend the lifespan of their pre-loved items, therefore minimizing waste in fashion.

In 2013, Moizant moved to London with her family in order to lead the company’s European expansion. Following the company’s success in securing its position as Europe’s leading resale site for desirable fashion, Moizant relocated to Hong Kong in 2017 to spearhead the company’s expansion into Asia Pacific.
Fanny Moizant is Co-founder and President of Vestiaire Collective, co-leading the company alongside Max Bittner, it’s CEO. Their complementary relationship combines Bittner’s commercial and technological expertise with Moizant’s marketing and branding vision, enabling Vestiaire to pursue its growth and sustainability goals as efficiently as possible.
Moizant remains Vestiaire’s ideal consumer, constantly editing her wardrobe to make room for new purchases. She encourages everyone to buy and sell on her site, Moizant offers her own personal philosophy, “My wardrobe revolves around a one-in, one-out policy. Reselling allows me to finance my next purchase, but most importantly I’m managing a virtuous sustainable cycle of slow fashion consumption.”