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FFFMILANO for Education

For the second time, Fashion Film Festival Milano collaborated with Accademia Costume & Moda to realise an Industry Project with the students of the Master’s Degree in “Fashion Communication & Art Director”.

Continuing the festival’s mission to train a new generation of creatives who use video and film as an effective means of expression and communication, Constanza Cavalli Etro, director of Fashion Film Festival Milano, together with Sara Maino, Head of Vogue Talents and Riccardo Conti, journalist and researcher, accompanied the students in the creation of their own fashion film.

Starting from a lecture with Constanza Etro on the origins and nature of fashion film, in the following lessons, Sara Maino and Riccardo Conti supported the students in the creation of a storyboard, the shooting, editing and finally the promotion of a short fashion film.

Five groups of a total of 20 students fulfilled this demanding task with impressive speed and creativity and realized fashion films of superb quality. FFFMilano is proud to present the films as part of the initiative “FFFMilanoForEducation”.


Don’t Forget The Pickles by Alessia D’Alterio, Isabel Barletta, Julia Hofer-Maire, Luca Augello

Spontaneous, singular, witty: Giorgio, Rachele, Monika and Léa do not take themselves too seriously. They love to get lost around and explore the Italian fashion capital to discover new places, new people, new connections.

Food and fashion: their two passions in common. In these interests, they found a way to express themselves and create art. Then why not have a picnic together?

From the table to the flowers, from the salty to the sweet, everyone contributes in his own way – a little absurd, a little exaggerated, perpetually unconventional – to the preparation of a common moment to celebrate and live in all its banalities. Giorgio is all too precise, Rachele lives in the clouds, Monika loves making fun of the others, and Léa… well, with Léa there is no certainty. Always a bit forgetful, constantly late, certainly fashionable: will she remember to take the pièce de résistance of the picnic?

(DIS)CONNECTED by Eleonora Abbadessa, Giada Castaldo, Yuliya Dunayeva, Chiara Pilloni

The central theme of the project is the construction of identity through observation, both in real life and in virtual life. Nowadays something has changed in the social dynamics and in the processes of identity construction. A different self was born, intentionally built by individuals who create their personalities based on the context and the use they intend to make of them.

All this happens through the gaze, a constant, active but also passive observation of our surrounding environment, of people who sometimes even unconsciously gravitate around certain focal points.

Through visual expression we have come to an awareness and consequently to a re-appropriation of our image by choosing when, how and what to show to others. Our characters are apparently detached from the world around them, absorbed by their smartphone. In fact, this is precisely what creates a sense of connection between these – apparently – different characters who actually share a deeper bond. Their ordinary day collides with their metamorphosis into unique and extraordinary beings in their peculiarities.


Have You Ever Felt A Worm by Francesca Chiacchio, Arianna De Berardinis, Stella Manferdini, Emma Nicoli

In the first place, the concept stemmed from WORM – a jewelry small business run by a member of the art direction team of the video – whose brand ethos has been central in the development of the project.

Equally essential, has been the inspiration drawn from the lyrics of Creep by Radiohead, whose protagonist feels to be an out-of-place “weirdo”, unsuitable in front of idyllic attainment of perfection, of a beauty made of aesthetic stereotypes.


In My Shoes by Flavia Andreozzi, Federico Giacoia, Maria Meinero, Arianna Truzoli

The protagonist is a girl full of dreams who has just left her hometown to try to chase them. She is catapulted into a new reality, different but that she knows can reserve her many opportunities. She left on her own, leaving her life and habits behind. The first contact in the city is with the taxi driver who will guide her into the new life that awaits her. Between the two begins a conversation of curiosity, by the taxi driver, and nostalgia, by the young student, which is manifested through flashbacks of memories and past moments.


NO UTOPIA – YOUR FUTURE’S EYE by Costanza Facchini, Beatrice Casa Alice Pischiutta, Caterina Baracco

Welcome in the cubical rooms where three characters are in front of a crossroads, choosing one of two sunglasses, one to remain inertly in the reality they are living and the other one to live using their determination in the right way. These are the rooms where we shelter ourselves to live our creativity and look at our world through lenses: just find your lens. Utopia is only in your head.