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TITLE: Silent Madness

DIRECTOR: Jordan Hemingway

BRAND: Mowalola

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

Silent Madness is an immersive installation that marries Mowalola’s unique Nigerian punk-inspired aesthetic with her passion for musical expression. The result is a surrealist stage setting emerging from an explosion of colour accompanied by a multi-channel soundtrack.

TITLE: Imaginary Lovers


BRAND: Vetements

COUNTRY: France 

A project “Imaginary Lovers” is a tale of two lost souls with elements of fashion. The main characters are two lonely teenage boys trapped in parallel universes. It is a story about love, frustration, tenderness, and solitude.

TITLE: Emeric: on Masculinity


BRAND: Kyle Ho

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

The film is an exploration and questioning of what is masculinity, family struggle and the need for growth.

TITLE: A Strange Feeling Came Over Me


BRAND: Effenberger Couture

COUNTRY: Germany

A queer fashion film that frames underwear as an intoxicating agent of bliss, compelling three dancers to strip down and burn off some energy.

TITLE: Estasi

DIRECTOR: Giulio Morena

BRAND: Est Clothing x WOVO


The interweaving of bodies like threads of embroidery, between kisses, bites and scratches. The union of eros and pathos takes shape with a blood-red stroke, on a flesh-coloured surface, in an escalation of passion until ecstasy is reached.

TITLE: Together we are monumental

DIRECTOR: Vega (Francesca Pionati and Tommaso Arnaldi)

BRAND: Adriana Hot Couture


We shot this film during the 2019 Pride in Milan. That day we celebrated the idea that together we can shape a future which includes and lifts every single one of us.

TITLE: Ambrosia

DIRECTOR: Peter Spark


COUNTRY: United States 

Vincenzo D’Ambrosio aka “Ambrosia” has traded the fluorescent lights of his family’s tabacchi in Naples for the spotlights of “La Boum”. Moving between the stage where he defies familial and cultural expectations, and the claustrophobic streets of his youth in Naples, Vincenzo recounts stories of his Catholic upbringing, his immense love for his mother, and the roots of a desire to be seen.

TITLE: Queering The Skin

DIRECTOR: Jade Ang Jackman

BRAND: Vogue

COUNTRY: United Kingdom 

In British Vogue’s A Celebration of #Pride series, filmmaker Jade Ang Jackman asked four women – model and trans activist Munroe Bergdorf, charity founder and community organiser Tanya Compas, and tattoo artists Nish Rowe and Emily Malice – to reflect on the meaning behind their body art. 

TITLE: Comfort Zone 

DIRECTOR: Jordan Blady 


COUNTRY: Georgia

TITLE: Out of My Dreams

DIRECTOR: Daniel Obasi and Jesse Navarre Vos


COUNTRY: South Africa 

Out of my dreams, looks at the beauty of being in a dream and how cer- tain metaphors and imageries can be conjured up in that space. Sometimes its easier to look at the world from that realm; ideals such as beauty, sexuality or masculinity are bold and often liberated in dreams.

TITLE: Zenne

DIRECTOR: Osman Özel

BRAND: Replica Man


Although its origin cannot be determined in Turkish culture, the tradition of wealth that has existed for centuries continues today. However, due to the political and socio-cultural characteristics of the society in which it operates, it has been excluded over time and has not started to be seen as a part of our cultural history.


DIRECTOR: Osman Özel

BRAND: Dazed Magazine

COUNTRY: Gerogia

The city of Tbilisi has a complex and sometimes oppressive relationship with queer culture. Although homosexuality and gender change are legal in Georgia, society’s view of the LGBTQ+ minority remains negative.

TITLE: Drag Syndrome


BRAND: British Vogue

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

A film celebrating Drag Syndrome, a professional artists’ group of drag queens and kings with Down’s syndrome. We follow them to Drag Con, and gain insight into how they walk paths that haven’t been walked before, and opening doors for others in the process.

TITLE: Must Be Strong

DIRECTOR: Femke Huurdeman

BRAND: Stella McCartney Kids

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

The film sees Munroe at first uncomfortable in her own skin, tears permanently glued to her cheeks, we see her struggle with imagery of herself. 



BRAND: Gucci


TITLE: Proud

DIRECTOR: Matilde Ferri 

BRAND: Harper’s Baazar 


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