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SUN 17/01

9.00 PM



FILM TITLE: Let it Be Low 

DIRECTOR: Juan Solanas 


2019 – Argentina, France – 85mins 

Filmed on the eve of an important vote in the Argentine parliament on a law designed to legalize abortion,Let It Be Law (Que Sea Ley) shows the impressive green wave of pro-choice supporters fighting for women’s right to abortion. Almost all of them are young women wearing big smiles of confidence, some protesting in Handmaid’s Tale bonnets, others with colorfully painted faces. Director Juan Solanas, best known for his Jim Sturgess-Kirsten Dunst venture into sci-fi, “Upside Down”, emphasizes the crowds of demonstrators as a cheerful counterweight to the many tragic cases of women who died because of illegal abortions or because they were denied treatment in hospitals after miscarriages.

Far more gripping than the familiar images of marches and slogans filmed on the streets in strident high contrast photography are the stories Let It Be Law recounts of poor women forced to resort to dangerous illegal abortions, often with tragic results. Stats say that a woman dies every week of a clandestine abortion in Argentina, and with more than a third of the population living below the poverty line, the drama of unwanted pregnancy often concerns women who already have large families they struggle to feed.

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