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FFFMILANO celebrates European talents!

Until today, the festival nourishes itself from the creative, innovative and well-connected scene in Milan, the capital of Italy’s cultural industries and the most European city in Italy.

In fact, only in a European context, the festival is able to unite creative spirits across different cultures and European countries and help them to showcase, discuss and honour their achievements. Fashion Film Festival Milano proves the ability of fashion and film to foster dialogue across Europe’s cultural borders.

For this reason the festival is proud to present a selection of films from talented emerging and acclaimed European filmmakers to promote and celebrate the richness of European creativity.

Rendez-vous au club swann by André Saraiva

AETHER by Karmen Samson for Marieke van Geffen
#empty by Beatriz Vilariño González
OFFSETT by Arice

Story of an exceptional saddle-maker at Hermès

The Hermès’ bag, a mother-daughter tradition

Hermès | Luxury is that which can be repaired

Embryo by Arice

Une Incroyable excuse by Danny Sangra

PORTER DES CHOSES by Helmut Breineder

C&A Cedric by Nur Casadeval

Red Data Book by Rapolas Vosylius for labàdienà

Exitus by Nico Meyer-Brenkhof

iii by Femke Huurdeman, Suze Milius, Marie Sophie Beinke

How to make a good good black coffee by Lorena Parra

Chico Sensible by Anna Karinvinge for Outsiders Division

ROUJE – le denim by Bertrnad le Pluard

Comments by Jonas Vahl for & Other Stories

002 Hormones are my Master by Florian Joahn for Ninamounah

BATON by Albert Moya for Dries Van Noten

RUNAWAY BABY by Lola Bessis for Chloe

LV FW 19 | CANCEL by Antoine Asseraf with Jade Lombard

LV FW 19 | I HAVE A SECRET by Antoine Asseraf with Jade Lombard

LV FW 19 | LOUIS BABIES by Antoine Asseraf with Jade Lombard

RRR by Jan & Raf Roosens for RRR Universal 

The Berliners by Ämr Ezzeldinn for Schon Magazine

The Parallel Pyramid Platform by Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck

RED DANCER by Agata Mickiewicz

Club 99.7 by Nina Holmgren

Human ready made by Jessica Dittinger

There’s this thing Goethe wrote by Pablo Curto

TASTE by Maria De Castro

Hippopolis by Ugo Gattoni

7 wonders by Antonina Obrador

Goddess Wars by Marçal Forés

JO! by Septa Husna

The story of things by Caroline Koning

Mensonge by Victor Vanger

Cai La by Marianna Januszewicz

A Song for Elaine by Inés de León

Pippin and the Pursuits of Life by Femke Huurdeman

Le Fix SS15 by Lasse Martinussen

OH, L’AMOUR! by Stéphanie Croibien

Collector of Curiosities by Regina Sepp

Vote Audrey by Lena Dunham

ANOMALY by Alexa Karolinski

UNDER by Kevin Frilet

Hyperdry – Pepa Salazar & Carlos Sáez

Relief Development by Nikolas Kasinos & Niklas Bildstein Zaar

‘Increase The Life Span Of Your Clothes’ by Emilia Kurylowicz for Halo

Peanuts by Maciej Bieliński

The One and Only by Golgotha for Julian Zigerli

The Journey by Monica Menez
Chanel Pharrel by Fleur Fortunè for Chanel
What a world by Bear Damen
SOPOPULAR AW 14/15 X by Tatjana Meirelles
Rouge 66 by Ryan Maxey for Hardeman
Hermès | Silk marbling: a Japanese technique rediscovered
Horse Follows Darkness by Delia Gonzalez
Set Sun by Zoe Le Ber for Maryam Nassir Zadeh
Hermès | The hackberry crop is the pride of Sorède’s supported employment workshop
Tendercore by Saray Blades
Integracion by JJ Torres for Maria Magdalena
#HyXXXI by Grégoire Dyer
The Coup – A small Cleptomanicx Adventure by Fabian&Fred
There is room for interpretation by Oana Juganaru
Litost by Gsus Lopez for JINGÜO by LAURA SEARLE
MOBIL by Ambre Cardinal
Harmonic Mouth by Frederik Sølberg for Henrik Vibskov
Bloom by Beatrix Vilariño
Matt Black by Golgotha for Moncler
Sorry you weren’t on the guest list by iNDiViDUALS Amsterdam
HONNE by Nur Casadeval for Honne
Prosper Center by Raya Al Souliman
LV FW 19 | DID YOU SEE ? By Antoine Asseraf with Jade Lombard
LV FW 19 | NICOLAS by Antoine Asseraf with Jade Lombard
LV FW 19 | PARIS FRANCE EARTH by Antoine Asseraf with Jade Lombard
The Path She Walks by Marloes ten Bhömer for Kyoto Design Lab
Game 6 by Philipp Rirsch / Fabian Rettenbacher for FATEEVA
Untitled by Laurent Amiel for Marine Serre
Photographers in Focus: Viviane Sassen by Jeroen Dankers for NOWNESS
The Jeanmaker by Hugo Keijzer
Les Rouleaux de Printemps by Annie van Noortwijk
Make Yourself Unstoppable by Joffrey Jans and Kai Voepel
The Fire of Love – Burning Oceans Into Deserts by Emma Westemberg for Hardeman
Squared eyes by Femke Huurdeman
Messy Massage Class by Cyan Studios
The Campfire Headphase by Victor Trifilieff
Immersion by Victor Trifilieff
geist.xyz by Henrik Mauler
Differenze by Eori Wakakuwa
The Box by Karina Taira
ONE OF US by Linus Bronge & Oskar Pernefeldt
Teacher’s Pet by Ricky Saiz for Olympia Le-Tan
Moo by Marie Kristiansen
Hector by Eori Wakakuwa
Forging Hearts by David Schagerström
Good Morning, Pallas Athena by Emir Eralp